Stories You Haven’t Seen: Sacramento Valley Salmon Recovery Program

Wednesday, Sep 25th, 2019

We encourage you to check out the various films and videos that show salmon recovery projects throughout the Sacramento River Basin and bring these projects to life. A new document shown below provides a compilation of links to these various films/videos.

The films and videos provide a unique glimpse into salmon recovery that includes project overviews, drone footage, interviews and animated narratives.  The films and videos are organized by the different reaches of the river.

To summarize, 18 projects have been completed in the last four years in the Sacramento River Basin to promote salmon recovery.  These projects join more than 140 projects that have been completed in the region since 2000. The goal of these projects is to address each life stage of salmon so there are no weak links in their life cycle.

A more detailed summary of salmon recovery work in the Sacramento River Basin is available in the recent Water Briefings: Salmon Recovery.

To see Stories You Haven’t Seen, please click below.

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