Freshwater Ecosystem Budgets

Thursday, Dec 5th, 2019

Photo by Jim Morris

The Public Policy Institute of California (PPIC) Water Center today published a new report on A Path Forward for California’s Freshwater Ecosystems. We think there is much to learn from this report and recommend a close reading. The water resources managers in the Sacramento River Basin have engaged with the PPIC and are exploring ways to … Continue reading “Freshwater Ecosystem Budgets”

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A Time to Move Forward

Monday, Nov 25th, 2019

Amid the flurry of state and federal actions and statements last week surrounding the Delta, the Northern California Water Association and water suppliers in the Sacramento River Basin remain fully committed to the major efforts underway to improve conditions for fish and wildlife, while maintaining important supplies for cities, rural communities and farms. This multi-benefit … Continue reading “A Time to Move Forward”

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Event at Gray Lodge Celebrates Partnership to Improve Pacific Flyway Habitat

Friday, Nov 22nd, 2019

Pacific Flyway supporters gathered at the Gray Lodge Wildlife Area on Wednesday to celebrate the kick-off of the Gray Lodge Wildlife Area Water Supply Project. This multi-benefit system improvement project will increase the conveyance capacity and improve water supply reliability for the Wildlife Area and surrounding farms. Gray Lodge Wildlife Area, which is also known … Continue reading “Event at Gray Lodge Celebrates Partnership to Improve Pacific Flyway Habitat”

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The Radiant Biologist

Friday, Nov 15th, 2019

Virginia was feeling a bit down. She was hoping to land an internship during the summer break. Prospects were bleak. Virginia’s attitude even more so. Ever since she was eight years old, Ed could see it in her eyes. His little girl was destined to become a biologist. Each summer they spent time at the … Continue reading “The Radiant Biologist”

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