The Agreements to Support Healthy Rivers and Landscapes Benefits All Californians

Thursday, Apr 25th, 2024

The State Water Resources Control Board (State Water Board) multi-day public workshop is underway, April 24-26 at the CalEPA Building in Sacramento.

A broad, bipartisan coalition of industries and organizations support and encourage the State Water Board to approve the Agreements to Support Healthy Rivers and Landscapes, as the approach for meeting the goals of the Bay-Delta Water Quality Control Plan Update.

The Agreements between state, federal and local water agencies represent a collaborative and holistic approach to water management in the Delta and its tributaries that benefits the environment, agriculture, utilities, housing needs, and California’s economy. We have been working closely with the organizations representing these industries and their input has been very valuable to ensure the Agreements will benefit all of these important uses of water throughout California.

The Agreements Help California Invest in Agriculture

  • The Agreements are projected to augment water resources by up to 825,000 acre-feet and expand habitat/food production over 45,000 acres.  These investments in the needs of critical species will help stabilize water supply reliability for tens of thousands of farms in the Central Valley, supporting agricultural production, ensuring food security, and sustaining the vitality of rural economies.
  • A more reliable water supply, even during drought periods, empowers farmers to plan planting schedules with less “guesswork,” adequately irrigate their fields, and invest in other inputs to production, leading to a consistent and affordable food supply for all Californians.

The Agreements Help California Stabilize Energy Supplies

  • Hydropower plays a key role in meeting California’s electricity demands by offering flexibility in power generation. With the rise of intermittent resources like solar and wind power, the dispatchable nature of hydropower facilities becomes increasingly critical to grid stability. By releasing more or less water at various times in response to electric system demands, hydropower systems can optimize energy output to meet the needs of the grid efficiently.
  • Supporting Voluntary Agreements is crucial for maintaining the flexibility and efficiency of hydropower generation, ensuring a reliable and sustainable energy supply for California’s electricity grid.

The Agreements Help California Sustain Manufacturing

  • Manufacturing operations rely on sustainable and predictable water for various production processes, including cleaning, cooling, and material processing. A reliable water supply ensures uninterrupted production cycles and keeps costs to consumers down.
  • Access to a reliable water supply enhances the overall competitiveness of manufacturing businesses. Predictable water availability enables companies to make long-term investment decisions, attract investment, and remain competitive in the global marketplace.

The Agreements Help California Build New Homes

  • The Agreements offer greater certainty in water supply during both wet and dry years, aiding municipalities and businesses in planning for continued economic growth, while also enabling homebuilders and municipalities to more reliably secure water for new housing developments.

If you’re interested in gaining insights into the discussions, planning, and coordination efforts that preceded these crucial workshops, we invite you to review our SWRCB Workshop Support Communications Outline here.

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