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NCWA and water leaders in Northern California look forward to working with our many partners to further develop and implement a water portfolio to meet the needs of California’s communities, economy, and environment.

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Reactivating Our Floodplains — A New Way Forward for California

The Sacramento Valley is fertile ground for developing a new path forward for holistic water management that incorporates best available science and practical know-how of farm and refuge managers to reactivate our floodplains.

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Please listen to these personal stories you have not heard before about the Sacramento Valley.

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Dreams of a Cowboy

Even as he dreamt of herding cattle on ranch lands in Northern California, a body of water was ever present in that cowboy fantasy. Whether a pristine lake or a rippling river, the youngster was always drawn to the ...

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The Farmer Who Defied His Father

As thick white smoke filled the air, Charlie took a moment to soak in what was about to happen ...

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Like Father, Like Daughter

The eyes of the beast hovered slightly over the water. The seemingly unworldly reptile peered across its horizon at the little girl who sat frozen in the canoe. Only a thin sliver of aluminum separated the two....

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For more information on different aspects of water management in the Sacramento Valley, please click on the following infographics.

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