Managing Water For Multiple Beneficial Uses

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NCWA and water leaders in Northern California look forward to working with our many partners to further develop and implement a water portfolio to meet the needs of California’s communities, economy, and environment.

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Reactivating Our Floodplains — A New Way Forward for California

The Sacramento Valley is fertile ground for developing a new path forward for holistic water management that incorporates best available science and practical know-how of farm and refuge managers to reactivate our floodplains.

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Please listen to these personal stories you have not heard before about the Sacramento Valley.

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Through a Cloud of Dust

Listen to "Through a Cloud of Dust" podcast here. Innovators are lauded for their vision and ability to see the future. But in 1930's Nebraska, vision was a tricky subject. Some days, Albert Lundberg could barely make out an object three feet in front of his face...

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The Designer with a New Plot in Life

Listen to "The Designer with a New Plot in Life". Ralph Gorrill was one of those astute types, he could see a problem and know the answer would be found at the tip of his drafting pencil...

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Winter Farming At River Garden Farms

Listen to "A Winter Farmer" Podcast Here. It is the dead of winter but the rice fields outside of Knights Landing are full of life. Traditionally, this is the slowest time of the year for the farmer as his crops have been invested and he typically would...

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For more information on different aspects of water management in the Sacramento Valley, please click on the following infographics.

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