Thoughts From The Rising Eagle Ranch

Wednesday, Oct 26th, 2011


We purchased our ranch in the Cascade Mountains, north of Mount Lassen and south of Mount Shasta, over a decade ago. After a career in aerospace and defense, my plan was to kick-back and enjoy the pastures, oak woodlands and pine forests. My ranch neighbors took me to local watershed group and cattlemen’s meetings and I got hooked on improving the environment while raising cattle; two mutually supportive endeavors. Ranchers and farmers I know are committed to sustainable agriculture and protecting land, water and wildlife in order to maintain a business and way of life for their family.


Our creek is bordered by cow/calf ranchers who prohibit development through use of Williamson Act contracts, a very successful conservation program in the state. We self-monitor creek flow for our irrigation water needs as well as other beneficial uses of water for the remainder of the state. It is rewarding to know that our clean creek water flows into the Sacramento River, which provides 80 percent of the state’s water needs. Our city guests marvel at seeing how a cow/calf ranch operates, the beauty of the land and the abundance of wildlife and return home intent on sharing positive impressions they have of ranching.

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