Water Management Investments in the North State to Improve the Environment in Northern California

Tuesday, May 19th, 2020

Water suppliers in the rural and urban parts of the Sacramento River Basin are unified through the North State Water Alliance (Alliance) to make Water Management Investments to Improve the Environment in Northern California for future generations.

The Alliance is working together to advance natural infrastructure in every part of the system—healthy headwaters, reactivated floodplains, and expanded utilization of groundwater storage—and 21st century investments like Sites Reservoir to enhance climate resiliency throughout the Sacramento River Basin and prepare the region for floods, fires and drought. This new way forward in water management will help adapt our region for a changing climate, allow us to continue to serve water for multiple benefits in an effective and efficient manner, advance the economy, environment and quality of life in Northern California, and contribute to  more sustainable and reliable water supply solutions in other parts of the state.

Water suppliers on the American, Feather, Yuba and Sacramento Rivers, as well as other smaller rivers and creeks, are working closely with federal and state agencies, as well as conservation organizations and community partners, to continually improve their operations and serve water for multiple benefits, including water for cities and rural communities, farms, wildlife, and recreation. Reliable and safe water supplies for these uses are vital for strong businesses, a healthy environment, a ready workforce, and vibrant communities. Investments in the natural and 21st Century infrastructure described in this document are essential for the future of this region.

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