Advancing Multi-Benefit Water Management in the Sacramento River Basin

Friday, May 29th, 2020

Multi-benefit water management is the hallmark for the Sacramento River Basin as shown in the following document. Single purpose water management that drives much of the public discourse on water is a relic of the last century. The water resources managers in the region are advancing multi-benefit water management approaches that meet multiple needs as water flows through the region, which include cities, farms, fish, birds, other wildlife, recreation, and hydropower. In pursuing sustainable water management in the 21st Century, water resources managers also rely on multi-disciplinary approaches to serve multi-benefits, which includes engineering, biology, accounting, hydrology, modelling, hydrogeology and law. As they employ both the science and the artistry necessary to serve various beneficial uses and users of water in the Sacramento River Basin in varying years, water resources managers are continually exploring new and better ways to serve water for multi-benefits.

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The Sacramento Valley is a mosaic of picturesque farmland, world-class wildlife reserves and thriving communities— interwoven with dynamic rivers and streams— the Sacramento Valley has a special combination of water, land and sunlight. Nowhere are natural and human resources more closely integrated and cared for than the Sacramento Valley.

For more information on multi-benefit water management, see the NCWA website. We would welcome your thoughts and suggestions on multi-benefit water management at:

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