NCWA Celebrates Women’s History Month

Thursday, Mar 14th, 2024

Women’s History Month this March serves as a poignant opportunity for NCWA to reflect upon the profound impact women have made in Vitalizing Healthy Rivers, Landscapes, and our Communities. We are blessed to work with amazing women on our Board, staff, and within our water agencies and various partners. Their unwavering commitment and dedication significantly enhance the well-being of the Sacramento Valley and all of California. These remarkable NCWA Board members shown below are elected by their constituents and play pivotal roles in guiding our communities toward a brighter future. We extend our deepest gratitude to these extraordinary women and their families for their continued dedication to public service. We also appreciate the women who serve on the NCWA staff, playing integral roles in advancing our commitment through legislative work, effective communication, and the seamless function of our organization. We encourage you to explore their inspiring stories and learn more about how they positively influence their communities and the State of California.



Supervisor Daurice Kalfsbeek-Smith, Colusa County
NCWA Board Member
Read more about Supervisor Kalfsbeek-Smith here.






Supervisor Mary Rickert, Shasta County
NCWA Board Member
Read more about Supervisor Rickert here.






Council Member Pauline Roccucci,
City of Roseville
NCWA Board Member
Read more about Council Member Roccucci here.





Corrie Davis, Gorrill Ranch
NCWA Board Member
Watch Corrie here.
Read Gorrill Ranch’s personal story here.




Nicole Van Vleck, Montna Farms
NCWA Board Member
Read more about Nicole here.
Read Montna Farm’s personal story here.







Mary Wells, Maxwell Irrigation District
NCWA Past-Chair, Board of Directors
Read Mary’s personal story here.






Ida Otterson-Noey, Administrator
NCWA Staff
Read more about Ida here.






Danyella Ochoa, Office Manager
NCWA Staff
Read more about Danyella here.






Ivy Brittain, Legislative Affairs Director
NCWA Staff
Read more about Ivy here.






Joy Rust, Communications Director
NCWA Staff
Read more about Joy here.






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