Fish-Food Season in the Sacramento Valley

Thursday, Dec 14th, 2017


It is fish-food season in the Sacramento Valley. A private-public partnership of landowners, water districts, government agencies, conservation organizations and university researchers are again pursuing the Fish Food on Floodplain Farm Fields project in the Sacramento Valley. Channel 3 in Sacramento recently did the following story on this innovative program, which we encourage you to watch:

Research has shown that it’s possible to mimic natural floodplain productivity by inundating floodplain farm fields in winter when they are not in use by farmers, potentially creating a huge biomass of bugs, which in turn feeds fish and makes them healthy. This project pioneers on-farm practices to:

  • improve seasonal floodplain rearing habitat for fish and habitat for birds and other species.
  • re-integrate the flow of floodplain food resources and nutrients to the river and Delta food web to support recovery of fish populations.

The partners in the Fish Food on Floodplain Farm Fields project are all dedicated to finding solutions that work for water supply, agriculture and the environment. Participants and funders include:

Click Here: Fish Food on Floodplain Farm Fields


For more information on this program and commentary from several different perspectives, see the following: Click: Here.


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