Nature-Based Solutions Gain Momentum in the Sacramento Valley

Thursday, Sep 22nd, 2022

By Todd Manley

As we commemorate climate week, water resources managers in the Sacramento Valley are implementing nature-based solutions to address resource-based challenges in the region and there is momentum to continue and scale up these efforts. With nature-based solutions, land and water resources are managed to provide multiple benefits and water supply reliability for cities and rural communities, farms, fish, birds and other wildlife, hydropower production and recreation by working closely with the landscape and our vital watercourses to provide food for human consumption and also provide food and habitat for the region’s terrestrial and fish species. This is part of a comprehensive effort underway in the Sacramento Valley to manage the region’s water and land resources from the ridgetop all the way down the watershed to the river mouth. For more detail, see Nature-Based Solutions: Enlisting Natural and Working Lands in the Sacramento River Basin in the Fight against Climate Change shown here.

Nature-based solutions have been the subject of some creative forward-looking thinking around how these solutions can help with climate policy and drought. We recommend reading the following publications:

Nature-based solutions are also a central platform for the Newsom Administration, which was reinforced with the investment of hundreds of millions of dollars in the recently approved budget. Supported by the modern science, water managers, conservation organizations and state and federal agencies are partnering in efforts in the Sacramento Valley to provide multiple benefits and balanced resource usage through nature-based solutions.

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