The Importance of Personal Relations in a Dry Year

Wednesday, Jul 28th, 2021

By David Guy

As we work through a dry year, there is inevitably focus on water and the lack thereof in certain areas; yet, it is the dry years that serve as a vivid reminder about the importance of people and working together. In the Sacramento Valley, we have a wonderful culture of hard work and resilience built around families and personal relations, with an eye toward making the Sacramento Valley a special place.

It is working farm families, with help from neighbors and friends, who produce the food and shape both the economy and communities in the region. It is these same families who are the leaders in the various actions underway this year in the Sacramento Valley to Manage for Fish and Wildlife During a Dry Year in the Sacramento Valley in a challenging year. A central feature of these efforts is the partnership between many of the leading landowners in the region with our conservation partners as shown below.

We have learned from the scientists at the University of California and in the conservation community that life depends upon this simple equation below. In the Sacramento Valley, ridgetop to river mouth water management is all dependent upon mobilizing this combination of water, land and sun—and we are listening to and learning from leading scientists in pursuing new ways to develop nature-based solutions that benefit from these essential ingredients to provide climate and water resiliency for this region.

The two documents below showcase the landowner and conservation partnerships that are one of the truly special attributes of the Sacramento Valley as we cultivate a shared vision in the Sacramento Valley for a vibrant way of life. We truly value these partnerships and the energy that emanates from these working relationships.

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