Managing Land and Water Resources for Nature-Based Solutions in the Sacramento Valley

Wednesday, Jun 23rd, 2021

By Todd Manley

With the focus by both state and federal leaders on nature-based solutions and increasing biodiversity, we have worked with our various partners to explore “Nature-Based Solutions: Enlisting Natural and Working Lands in the Sacramento River Basin in the Fight against Climate Change.” The full document shown below provides a detailed description of the comprehensive efforts in the region to manage land and water from ridgetop down to river mouth to provide multiple benefits as water moves through the region.  These efforts, which include forest management, floodplain reactivation, groundwater management and recharge, and healthy soils management, support all beneficial water uses in the region (for cities, farms, fish, birds and other wildlife, hydropower production, and recreation) while also helping to combat climate change.

These efforts are supported by both Governor Newsom in his Nature-Based Solutions Executive Order (N-82-20) and President Biden in his Executive Order on Tackling the Climate Crisis at Home and Abroad.  The complete document is available on the NCWA website by clicking the image below. We would welcome any other ideas or thoughts to advance these efforts in the Sacramento Valley.

Click below for more details.

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