NCWA Honors

Friday, Mar 16th, 2012

At NCWA’s 20th Annual Meeting Joe Scalmamani and George Basye were honored with the Innovative Water Management Water Award and the Will S. Green Award.

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A Region Comes Together Around Water

Thursday, Mar 8th, 2012

Nearly twenty-years ago, the winter of 1991-92 was a very dry period in California. The pressures surrounding several dry years in a row, coupled with the lack of adequate water infrastructure …

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Water Used Well, Lost Forever?

Thursday, Mar 1st, 2012

What’s water use efficiency to you? Is it buying a new “efficient” dishwasher or washing machine? Taking showers with a low flow shower head? Setting your sprinklers to run at times when your lawn will drink it verses evaporating in the hot air?

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