Reactivating the Floodplains in the Sacramento Valley

Thursday, Jul 19th, 2018


Leading scientists from nearby University of California, Davis and throughout the world are pointing towards the value and importance of re-activating floodplains as the key element to improve conditions for fish within a managed water system like the Sacramento Valley. (See: Floodplains: Processes and Management for Ecosystem Services by UC Press). To improve conditions for fish and wildlife, the leaders in the Sacramento Valley are pursuing a new and different path forward in California that listens to the leading scientists and encourages water resources management that brings our ecosystems to life through the interaction of water, sun and land. The Sacramento Valley is fertile ground for this new path, which we believe can be further advanced by re-connecting the traditional floodplain with our rivers.

The Public Policy Institute of California (PPIC) recently posted a blog interview with Lewis Bair, the General Manager of Reclamation District 108, one of the leaders in reactivating the floodplain in the Sacramento Valley. We encourage you to read the interview with Lewis, which provides important insights at the PPIC blog.

Sacramento Valley water suppliers are working closely with federal and state agencies, as well as various conservation partners and local water suppliers throughout the state, to continually improve their operations and serve water for multiple benefits, including water for cities and rural communities, farms, birds, fish, and recreation.

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