Floodplain Capitol Day Kicks Off Sacramento Valley Ecosystem Awareness Week!

Thursday, Jun 6th, 2024

We are thrilled to announce the introduction of Assembly Resolution ACR-207 proclaiming the week of June 3, 2024, as Sacramento Valley Ecosystem Awareness Week! This significant milestone was jointly authored by both the Assembly Democratic Majority and Republican Minority leaders.

We kicked off the week with an inaugural Floodplain Capitol Day! Assemblymembers Aguiar-Curry and Gallagher, as the representatives of much of the floodplains in the Sacramento
Valley, joined us to celebrate standing together proudly holding the resolution. We also had the support of the Floodplain Forward Coalition principal partners attending, including California Rice Commission, California Trout, Ducks Unlimited, and the Northern California Water Association. These groups played a crucial role in both organizing Floodplain Capitol Day and in the successful passage of the resolution.

Additionally, legislative staff members attended the event to learn more about floodplain restoration and its multiple benefits. Some guests and staffers used Oculus goggles to watch a 360-degree video of floodplains here in Northern California, gaining a unique and immersive perspective on these vital ecosystems.

Click above to watch Soaring Over the Floodplains: A 360 Interactive Experience.

This resolution and the establishment of Sacramento Valley Ecosystem Awareness Week represent an important step forward in our efforts to protect and enhance our region’s ecosystems, while ensuring reliable water supplies throughout the region. Thank you all for your continued support and commitment to restoring our historic floodplains and the special Sacramento Valley ecosystem.

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