Working Group Collaborating on Efforts to Recover Salmon in Battle Creek

Wednesday, Jan 17th, 2024

By Todd Manley

A group consisting of state and federal fishery, water management and land management agencies, local governments, water agencies, conservation organizations, an electric utility, a Resource Conservation District, fishing interests, and a watershed protection group has come together to promote Chinook salmon recovery in Battle Creek.

The Battle Creek Salmon Recovery Working Group, which was formed in January 2023, has developed a list of priority actions to advance salmon recovery in the creek that include habitat projects, hatchery improvements, science, and monitoring activities. A January 8 letter to state and federal fisheries, water and land management entities described the efforts of the working group and included the list of these priority actions.

Battle Creek has been identified by fishery biologists as an important area with great potential to increase and diversify Chinook salmon habitat (including habitat for the endangered winter-run Chinook). The effort to improve salmon habitat in Battle Creek is part of the Holistic Approach to Healthy Rivers and Landscapes.

The letter and list of Battle Creek salmon recovery projects can be accessed here.


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