A Narrated 360 Degree View of the Floodplains in the Sacramento River Basin

Thursday, Nov 30th, 2023

By Rob McAllister

We invite you to join us in exploring the Sacramento River Basin in a new and immersive way with our 360-video, Soaring Over the Floodplains. The 360-degree experience is narrated by California Natural Resources Secretary, Wade Crowfoot and features: Jeff McCreary of Ducks Unlimited, Jacob Montgomery of California Trout and Kim Gallagher, a fifth-generation rice farmer.

Unlike traditional videos which are typically done in a 16×9 frame and is controlled by the director, a 360-video allows users to view the entire space. By using your cursor on your desktop or laptop, or by moving a tablet or phone around you, you can view the video space in every direction, thus giving you, literally the entire picture of this special region.

This virtual tour spans across several seasons in the Sacramento River Basin, demonstrating how the same lands are being put to work helping grow crops for people, providing food and habitat for birds and fish, and recharging our groundwater aquifers.

You can watch the video by clicking here.

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