Yuba River Plan Provides Valuable Lessons on Teamwork

Thursday, Jul 28th, 2011

Restoring California’s waterways can be controversial, difficult and expensive. Nevertheless, for state agencies, including the State Water Resources Control Board, it is an important part of our responsibility. Budget limitations however, are changing how we fulfill these obligations, whether it is on the Colorado River, on the Klamath River, or on one of the richest … Continue reading “Yuba River Plan Provides Valuable Lessons on Teamwork”

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Water Water Everywhere

Wednesday, Jun 8th, 2011

As I sit here watching the graphs of the various rivers and reservoirs, I am amazed at how much water we have received this year and how little of it we will be able to put to good use, be it for irrigation, domestic (read drinking water), generation or even the environment. I recently found … Continue reading “Water Water Everywhere”

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