An Unfortunate Outcome: A Review of the 2022 Salmon Season

Thursday, May 4th, 2023

Dana Lee, FishBio This blog from FishBio was originally posted on April 17, 2023. Last week’s Fish Report covered the disappointing news about this year’s salmon fishery closure as well as some of the alarming predictions for the coming year. However, each year, it is important to look back and review some of the key findings from the previous year’s salmon … Continue reading “An Unfortunate Outcome: A Review of the 2022 Salmon Season”

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Ricelands Salmon Project Update

Tuesday, May 2nd, 2023

By Paul Buttner, Manager of Environmental Affairs, California Rice Commission It has been about six weeks since we concluded our fieldwork and drained our project field in the second week of March. You may recall that the bypasses flooded for a second time in mid-March and, as a result, we were unable to count all the fish … Continue reading “Ricelands Salmon Project Update”

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Never Counted Out, Ted Trimble

Friday, Apr 28th, 2023

              He nearly called balls and strikes for a living, but thankfully for the Chinook salmon, he chose to count fish instead. Ted Trimble was on his way to becoming a baseball umpire before he decided to stick with his job as waterman in a small community south of … Continue reading “Never Counted Out, Ted Trimble”

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Guest Commentary: Here’s why farm water use reports are exaggerated

Thursday, Apr 27th, 2023

The following commentary was posted on CFBF’s Ag Alert website, March 22, 2023 by Amrith Gunasekara. Farming in California produces the largest share of America’s food supply. And despite descriptions of agriculture as a major water user, the majority of California water stays in the environment. You may have heard it repeatedly through local and national news outlets … Continue reading “Guest Commentary: Here’s why farm water use reports are exaggerated”

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