Early Implementation “No Regrets” Projects Submitted to Advance Voluntary Agreements and Recovery Planning

Wednesday, Apr 1st, 2020

The Department of Water Resources (DWR) and Department of Fish and Wildlife (DFW)–working closely with water suppliers in the Sacramento River Basin–have submitted a list of early implementation “no regrets” salmon recovery projects to the California Natural Resources Agency. As the projects show, the water leaders in Northern California are committed to advance Voluntary Agreements and recovery planning and implementation as a boost for both our economy and environment in California. These projects also show a commitment to fixing problems rather than fighting over them by pointing positive and bringing people together to re-imagine our water system to serve multiple benefits for the future.

The projects, which can help achieve environmental targets established by the Voluntary Agreements and other salmon recovery efforts, were identified through a collaborative effort with DWR, DFW, NCWA, water suppliers, and conservation organizations.  This includes projects that can be initiated in the next 12-18 months on the American, Feather, Sacramento, and Yuba Rivers, as well as Putah Creek and floodplain reactivation in the Sacramento River Basin. The projects are seeking funding from the $70 million from Proposition 68 included in the current state budget for salmon recovery efforts related to the implementation of Voluntary Agreements.

Please click on both the summary and project spreadsheet below for more details.

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