A Time to Move Forward

Monday, Nov 25th, 2019

Amid the flurry of state and federal actions and statements last week surrounding the Delta, the Northern California Water Association and water suppliers in the Sacramento River Basin remain fully committed to the major efforts underway to improve conditions for fish and wildlife, while maintaining important supplies for cities, rural communities and farms. This multi-benefit water management in the Sacramento River Basin will help implement the Biological Opinion (BiOps), Voluntary Agreements, the recovery plan for endangered salmon and efforts to improve habitat for the Pacific Flyway. A major part of all these efforts will involve reactivating our floodplains for the benefit of all these programs. This is not a time for acrimony–all Californians need and expect the state and federal agencies to work together and roll up their sleeves in early 2020 to help improve water supply reliability for fish and wildlife, cities and rural communities, farms and recreation.

Photos by Brian Baer.


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