Proposition 3 has Strong and Diverse Support Throughout California!

Friday, Oct 19th, 2018

On November 6, California voters will have the opportunity to pass Proposition 3, the largest environmental habitat and water bond in California’s history.  Proposition 3 will make significant investments to help serve water for multiple benefits in the Sacramento Valley and throughout California.

Proposition 3 makes important and unprecedented investments in fish and wildlife, safe drinking water for cities and rural communities, and groundwater management. Proposition 3 has broad and diverse support from all over California as seen in the support list at: Yes on 3. The ballot argument for Proposition 3 shown below highlights many of these diverse views on why Proposition 3 is an important investment in California’s future.

We urge voters to support Proposition 3 on the November 6 ballot.  For more information, see “Yes on 3.”  NCWA has been offering a series of blogs highlighting the important investments in Proposition 3 and how water serves multiple benefits in the Sacramento Valley.

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