Celebrating 80 Years of Farming and Fish and Wildlife Conservation in the Sacramento Valley

Tuesday, Sep 5th, 2017


Two stellar organizations were honored by the California Legislature on Friday—both for their 80 years of contributions to California and particularly the Sacramento Valley. Ducks Unlimited and Lundberg Family Farms were honored for 80 years and their immense contributions to California. The resolutions (shown below) were presented in the Senate by Senators Nielsen and Berryhill and the Assembly by members Gallagher and Aguiar-Curry. The following statements were made in the Capitol to honor these organizations:

       Click HERE for the resolution.

“Ducks Unlimited utilizes science as its compass for wetlands & wildlife. Its conservation coalition partners include: agriculture, especially rice farmers, water agencies, water districts, environmental partners, the state of California, & the federal government. We’ve learned through science that what’s good for rice is good for ducks. There are over 235 species of wildlife that use rice fields as habitat throughout the year, among which are many species of birds that use fields for feeding, nesting and resting throughout the year. Rice farmers supports these populations by providing their rice fields as a resting place to migratory waterfowl as they migrate through the Pacific Flyway.”

Click HERE for the resolution.

“Growers of Lundberg Family Farms hold themselves to a high standard in environmental stewardship, and work in partnership with nature to preserve the environment for the wildlife that call the area home. For over 80 years, Lundberg Family Farms has made a commitment to sustainable farming practices that care for the soil, wildlife, air and water. They treat them as important resources while respecting the delicate balances of nature. The Lundberg’s applied the science that highlights what’s good for ducks is good for rice.” Vice President of Agriculture Bryce Lundberg is the Chair of the NCWA Board of Directors.

Congratulations to these amazing organizations! NCWA and the Sacramento Valley value these partnerships that make the Sacramento Valley special.

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