Good Water Management in Butte County

Friday, Aug 2nd, 2013

It is rare when a Grand Jury report makes positive statements. Yet, the Butte County Grand Jury report for 2012-13 highlighted the importance of water to Butte County and complimented the water districts and county in the way that water is managed for the benefit of Butte County, as well as presenting the major challenges facing the region.

In its conclusion, “the Grand Jury was interested in learning about the management and stewardship of Butte County water. Our conclusion is that the Butte County water districts, agencies and county departments that we reviewed are doing an efficient job managing water distribution. There are future potential problems in water supply that need to be brought to the attention of the county’s residents. Lack of storage capacity, the decline of the Tuscan Aquifer elevation and increased demand from out-of-county interests may jeopardize our water resources.”

The report expressed the hope that the citizens of this area educate themselves on” water issues. For those interested in water management in Butte County, the section on “Water: Butte County’s Vital Resource” is recommended reading. The full report is available at: Butte County Grand Jury Report 2012-2013. (The water section begins on page 87.)

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